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Shopping Campaign VS Search Network

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I am still fairly new to Adwords and I am trying to get a better understanding of the different campaign types. Currently the company I am working for wants me to be running Shopping Ads only, but I feel we may be getting better results if we use a Search Network (or Search with Display Select). 


I would like to know from someone who has more experience if it's worth me pushing for a Search campaign or not. Currently we are running our store through Shopify, so all of the data feed information comes from there via an app to our Google Merchant account. I am having a difficult time discerning what is an issue with Shopify or what is an issue with Google. It seems that I am currently at the mercy of whatever Shopify provides, and unless I am mistaken I would have greater control over how I can direct searchers to my site.


Granted I could have ALL of this wrong, and I am open to suggestions. Sorry if this seems like too simple of a question but I am trying to learn as I go. 



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Shopping Campaign VS Search Network

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Hi @Aaron H,


I am not specifically knowledgeable about Shopify, however, I think they must provide you with a large number of various items. Gut feeling is that the company is right, under such circumstances Shopping ads are typically your best choice. Therefore, I would not fight back. Why the company chose Shopify is another question, of course, but that seems to be beyond your responsibility.




Shopping Campaign VS Search Network

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Shopify is normally quite easy to link to merchant center, if you are an experienced programmer and Google AdWords account manager. Shopify and AdWords Support can be of help. There are also companies out there that specialize in Merchant Center/Feed setup which you can research.


In terms of other campaign targeting types:


Dynamic Search Ads will allow you to take advantage of Google's AI (just like shopping) without the hassle of Shopping Ads/Shopify/Merchant Center etc. Conversion rates may even be better than shopping ads depending on what you're selling. Click prices are super low so it's easy to test with a small budget. Site needs to have a healthy volume of products and good page/URL structure.


Run a Search only campaign for your top movers. Control your market share for your top products. Use price extensions to really show off your skills.


Display Remarketing to promote everything else. Mailing list benefits/product sales/sign up promo etc. This may be a challenge to set up if you don't have any experience, but it's worth learning. Be sure to add as a negative placement and "in game" as a negative site category exclusion. You can test other remarketing campaigns with these settings omitted if you have extra budget.


Once you have positive ROI from search based campaigns you can test out even more display targeting methods with extra budget. I would keep Search spending and Display spending separate, so avoid search w/ display select.


E-commerce AdWords marketing is no simple feat.