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Setting Up Insurance Campaign

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Hi All, 


Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I tried posting before and it didn't register.


I recently set up a campaign for an insurance agent that services the the tri-state area.  I wanted to test small since the budget is small so i am only targeting New York at this point using exact and phrase match.


The KW's i am targeting are: restaurant insurance and business insurance.  I am using many variations of the KW's which I found using the Google KW tool.


I selected all of New York in the location setting.


I set up two adgroups.  One for restaurant insurance and the other for business insurance.


I set the default bid at $1.50 since i wasn't sure how much a click would cost.  Many of the restaurant insurance ads are showing but none of the business insurance ads are showing becasue they are all below first page bid.  The average first page bid is about $6.  I am not surprised by this since I understand the competitveness of the insurance KW's.


My question is, is there a way to better organize the campaign so the CPC is reduced?  Would using geo-targeted KW (i.e. business insurance Roslyn) list be better than using the general KW (i.e. business insurance) and targeting all of NY state?


I should also note that the quality score for most of my KW's are 5+.


Any help would be appreciated.



Re: Setting Up Insurance Campaign

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Hey IMPromos,

Sounds like you haven't done too bad a of a job for starters.

You may want to keep in mind, that keyword organization doesn't inherently increase quality score etc.

What does do that is getting a higher click through rate relative to your market, by writing better ads targeted to your specific market.

E.g., if you are seeing good search volume for keywords that have business insurance NY, business insurance roslyn, by including that in your ad copy, you may increase CTR, hence increasing quality score.

There is a slight (but low) chance of having lower CPC's for the 'longer tail terms', but for the most part, it will remain in the same price range.

For more information on how to increase performance, I highly recommend you check out the user articles sections:

Some more about quality score:

Re: Setting Up Insurance Campaign

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