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Hello, I cant get past the help centre to set up an account, could somebody please advise.

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Hi Jon,

Please check the below link to which is help you to set up new adwords account


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Hi Jon,
Welcome to the AdWords Community. First, make sure the email address that you're trying to use for your AdWords Account isn't tied to any other AdWords Account. There is a 1:1 ratio between email addresses and AdWords Accounts.
Create AdWords Account -
After you've confirmed that you're clear to use this email address, try to proceed. If you're still having issues, try clearing your cookies and your cache. Often this helps resolve technical difficulties.
Clear Cookies/Cache -
If you're still having issues, are you trying to set up a regular AdWords Account, or AdWords Express?
AdWords Express -‎
Finally, since you're new to AdWords, I recommend the links below. AdWords is a great tool, but it's best used when you fully understand the power of AdWords, and all that it can do for you.
Best wishes to you as you start your AdWords journey!
AdWords Step by Step -‎
New AdWords Advertiser -