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Select match type for a new campaign

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please help me to select  match type for a new campaign. I have tested adwords campaign for 4 weeks and got few sales but understood that made many mistakes. So i want to start again and build from scratch. 


So for example i have 2 main target keywords that are synonyms but used to find our product. Average number of searches is 3000 per months for main keyword. It can be for example  "leather bag" & "leather briefcase". I have created separate add group for it so i have phrase match keywords here


Main add group:

"leather bag"

"leather briefcasese"

"leather bags"

"leather briefcaseses"


Also i have created several groups of ads for each my specific third word that used to search my products. For example it "Red" and i have broad match keywords here:


+red +leather +bag

+red +leather +briefcasese


So is that newbie mistake to organize ad-words in such way? Should i work on creating entire keywords list and use only exact match?



Re: Select match type for a new campaign

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Congratulations on making sales! Now that you know it works, you need to continuously improve, and that is what you are doing!


From what I have gathered is that you are combining keywords for bags and briefcases in the same AdGroup. Before you continue to do this it is improtant that you have tested several searches to make sure that your product is relevant to both briefcases and bags. If it is, I would consider creating two adgroups, to further customize the text ads to include each of those variations of the term in the headline.


Your account should never be all Exact Match. If you only had exact match than you would never be able to react to market changes through search term reports. You should always allow a little bit of breadth for new terms and research them.


The organization of your campaign does not stick out to me as wrong. You should have the following:

  1. A campaign that is geared towards a single product
  2. General AdGroups that cover the most basic variations of searches for the product
  3. More specific AdGroups that are not too specific, but allow the ads to be even more relevant for people who are being even more specific in their search.
  4. The number of AdGroups does not matter, but you should have about 15 or so keywords in each AdGroup, or as many as you want so long as they are specifically relate to that AdGroup and remain manageable.
  5. You should have Phrase Matches of related terms. Only phrase match when you know there is a phrase that if searched in any sentence, would relate to your product. If you have a phrase constantly earning you traffic and you don't think much more can be added before or after the phrase, you should exact match that phrase. If your phrases would make sense despite their order, you should have them in phrase match and as a Broad Match Modifier. If few of your keywords are bringing in any traffic, you should make Broad Matches to see if people are searching differently than you assumed.