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Segmentation by location and Google domain

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My ad shall target Brazil and users located in Brazil, but I need it to run only on GOOGLE.COM.BR. For legal reasons I am not supposed to have my ad shown on the GOOGLE.COM website.


As I understand it, one can select the LOCATION where an ad shall run, meaning that if I choose Brazil, the ad will target users in that country, no matter the Google domain which is used.


However is there any way to exclude a particular Google website, such as GOOGLE.COM as explained above? If so, how ?


I searched for an answer everywhere and could not find it. Thanks so much in advance!




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Segmentation by location and Google domain

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Hi @Rosana N,


I think it would be possible to some extent if you target Brazil with advanced settings as "People in my targeted location" and language as Portuguese and Brazilian.

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