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Search & Display Network Targeting

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Hello - 


I have been tasked with creating duplicate search campaigns for a handful of business partners. My instructions are to create a new search campaign, identical to the already existing search campaign:


Client A already has a search campaign. I am instructed to create a duplicate search campaign for client A and the switch the campaign type to Display Network only.


Am I missing something? I did not think this was possible - only thing I can think is to change the duplicate campaign to Search with Display Select or create an individual display network campaign.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Search & Display Network Targeting

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Hi there;
You are correct;
Switching from "search" to display" only - is not possible;
Read more:

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Re: Search & Display Network Targeting

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Hi Andrew M,

Create the new campaign as Display only. You can ad keywords and ads, but you can't really make a duplicate of the search campaign on the display network. The two work very differently. On the plus side, it's usually better to run separate campaigns for search and display. The search campaign will give you a place to start, but your work isn't done there.

Display campaigns need a lot more maintenance, particularly at the beginning, to exclude certain placements that have no relation to your product or service.

Best of Luck!

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