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Search Query Report. Match Type refers to which?

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In the SQR report. does the Match Type column refer to the keyword or the search query? If it's the query, I'm not sure I understand how it can be a broad match?

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January 2016

Re: Search Query Report. Match Type refers to which?

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Hey Dean, how are things?

The "Match type" column in your search terms report tells you how closely the search terms that triggered your ads on Google are related to the actual keywords in your account.

There's a full information for you on the official article, here:

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Search Query Report. Match Type refers to which?

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Hi Dean H,

Further to Leandro's answer, the match type indicates the match type of the keyword that was triggered by search query. It can be broad, phrase or exact. It will not differentiate between Broad Match and Broad Match Modified (BMM), they're all lumped together. This can help you set bids on the different keywords by match type.

Best of Luck!

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