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(Search+Display+Src. partners) 1st choice for New Campaign, why?

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From all that I have learned from the forum, the first recommended choice of experts would be the "Search only network without Search partners" for a beginner.

Why isn't this option the first on the list when setting up a new Campaign ?


Is the current default choice to advertise everywhere the best advertiser experience or is it pushing us to overspending ? 


The same for the default choice for "Location targeting ( advanced)" it is search by intent which brings visits from any location as long as it has the City name in the search string and many from here recommend the second choice ( physical location).


Shouldn't the current first option in setting up a new campaign be actually the 3rd option ?


Feel free to throw stones if you feel that I am asking as a negative comment.


[Edit] For example how many new advertisers have you seen or met , that don't say " I have a limited budget, how do we make the most of it without overspending ? "


I think the position 1 from  a list of 3 is very important because just as the Top 3 Slots/positions for the Search Engine it is selected by the majority , especially because it is described as "Best opportunity...." [/Edit]



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Re: (Search+Display+Src. partners) 1st choice for New Campaign, why?

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HI Adrian,

I've asked this question before on the forum. At least this is better than it was before.

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Re: (Search+Display+Src. partners) 1st choice for New Campaign, why?

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I asked because while I was editing a presentation and when meeting this picture I had a hard time deciding whether to explain all campaign choices or not, whether to show the print-screen with the options or not.

The thing is that anyone can ask "why do you recommend the Search campaign when Google says the first choice is the best? ". I guess I'll just skip the image part.


[The issue that remains is that a client will be given at least read-only access and they can have such questions after they explore the interface on their own ]