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Schedule the budget.

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I have a campaign.

Now I am doing a little statistics and enable the campaign for all the countries, but the clicks increased very rapidly, so I want to increase the budget slowly - each hour (or partial) - add a specific amount.



for first hour - 10$ daily budget 

For second hour 20$ daily budget  (10+10)

For 3rd hour 30$ daily budget 

for 4th hour 40$ daily budget 

and so on.


How can I do this automatically (for two days only)?


The reason for that is to investigate which are most popular and attractive countries (I am using Google Analytics to check that).


Also, is there also less expensive solution to investigate the population of my campaign? 


Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Schedule the budget.

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Badged Google Partner

Hi Eitan,


You can use automated rules to change your campaign's budget automatically, however, you'll only be able to do this on a daily, not an hourly basis. So that might not be a good solution.


A simple alternative might be to:

  • increase your daily budget to $240 if you want to spend $10 / hour
  • set your delivery method to "standard" instead of "accellerated", AdWords will now show your ads evenly throughout the day

One additional thing I would do is to lower your bids (significantly), you will get less clicks (but I have the impression you're getting way too many) but at a much lower price per click. This will make it less expensive and still give you an idea of the most popular countries. (whether on number of clicks, CTR or another metric)


Hope this  helps!





Re: Schedule the budget.

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Thank you.
What do you mean about lowering my bids, and how can I do that?

Re: Schedule the budget.

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HI Eitan,

I assume you're using automatic bidding for the moment, a bid strategy where AdWords will set the bid (cpc) per keyword for you automatically. It might not be a bad idea to change this to a manual bidding strategy where you set the bid per keyword manually.

This will allow you to start with very small bids and - depending on the traffic that gets you - slowly increase those bids. You can for example start with bids of $0.05 and work your way up from there until you find a good balance between what you're paying and the traffic it generates.

It's important to be comfortable with these topics as they have a direct impact on how much you'll be spending. You can read more on automatic vs manual bidding, bid strategies and how to use them in the 2 articles below:

Re: Schedule the budget.

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You can use the ad scheduling feature for your campaigns and have bid adjustments at certain times of the day. You need to obviously plan this out carefully, but this would allow you to have:

10am - $1 bid
11am - $2 bid
12pm - $3 bid

You can change the amounts and times of course as needed. This coupled with a planned daily budget should get you the results you are looking for. Just make sure you plan this right to make it work.

Good luck!


Re: Schedule the budget.

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Top Contributor

Hi Eitan, changing your budget automatically each hour would be possible with a very simple AdWords Script.  It won't be precisely on the hour since scripts don't run at precise times within their hour schedule but it will change once each hour at some point.


However, I'll admit I'm still uncertain what you're trying to achieve here.  Bear in mind that where a budget is limited (and if you're targeting all countries with a budget as low as $40, it will be) AdWords won't be showing your Ad for each possible opportunity.  As the budget increases, your Ad will be shown more often, but possibly still very rarely.  The data you will collect in such an experiment, over such a short period as two days, is likely to be highly unreliable and not representative.


Can you provide some more details of what you're testing?  We may be able to offer some alternative solutions.



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