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Schedule bid adjustment override a Max CPC location bid strategy?

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I have a first page location bid strategy with a max CPC set at $0.35 applied to the ad group, the max CPC is set from inside the bid strategy settings page, the same ad group also has a -50% bid schedule set for certain hours of the day.

Now how will that adds up?

i know if i have setup a percentage in the max cpc instead of a fixed max amount then all i have to do is multiply the bid adjustments, but how is calculated when i have a fixed max CPC ?

Would the schedule bid adjustment override the page location bid strategy? 

Re: Schedule bid adjustment override a Max CPC location bid strategy?

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi there,

If you're using the top of search page bid strategy, then that multiplies together with your bid adjustment. So if your bid is $0.25 to be at the top of the page (just because your max is $0.35 doesn't mean that's what you'll always pay) and someone searches during one of the times when you have that negative bid adjustment set, then the bid will decrease from $0.25.

Hope that helps!