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Save "Converted Clicks"

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In my opinion Converted Clicks is the most valuable conversion metric. I'm very disappointed that Google are removing this metric. I'll explain why...


I run campaigns for a lot of service businesses. These businesses generate leads and make the sale offline. As such, phone calls are arguably the most important goal conversion.


There is no 100% accurate way to track ALL phone call conversions in AdWords. There are some good JS dynamic call tracking solution that import goal conversion to AdWords. These go part of the way to track phone calls. However, a good volume of calls take place post session (after the prospect closes the browser). These post session calls can not be accurately tracked in AdWords.


To work around this I add a "time on site" goal conversion. These tend to correlate reasonably well with calls (about 70% of the time a phone call also records a time on site goal ≥181 sec).


This means I'll have two goal conversions for the same action. (1) The call that is tracked and reported as a conversion in AdWords, and (2) the time on site goal, which helps to add a goal conversion for other valuable clicks that may lead to a call post session.


Converted Clicks accommodates this tracking set up nicely. While some clicks will incur two goal conversions for the same action, Converted Clicks will only assign one conversion goal per click. Therefore, eliminating any doubled value for those clicks that track a phone call and time on site goal. While attributing value to quality traffic that may later lead to a phone call (measured by time on site goal conversion)


This goal tracking is vital when optimising a small business who might only generate 100-200 clicks per month, like a dentist.


Conversely, the "Conversions" metric will track two conversions for the aforementioned example (Phone call and time on site goal). This will distort the data and overly skew the optimisation towards double tracked keywords.


 I'd like to hear other peoples views about the removal of Converted Clicks. And, if anyone would like to share a good tracking system for phone calls.









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Save "Converted Clicks"

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Hi Jake,


This is the first time I have come across a scenario where converted clicks were necessary. So I figure this would affect very few people.


I'm sure you could download data into Excel and find the information you need, but obviously seeing the data in AdWords is preferable.


Something that could help a little, is set one of the conversions to not be recorded in the Conversions column. Combined with showing the All Conv. column this helps break out the data a little bit better.