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Same keywords different location targets yields problems

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We are having a huge issue with AdWords and are not sure whether it's us or a bug in the system.


Our objectives are actually pretty simple: We want to display Ad A to the German audience and Ad B to the Swiss audience. Keywords should be the same for both.


So in essence, if somebody in Germany searches for keywords +A +B, we want to show Ad A, if somebody in Switzerland searches for the exact same keywords, we'd like to show Ad B.


We've created two campaigns, target Campaign A to Germany and Campaign B to Switzerland. We've added the exact same Ad Group to each Campaign and configured the same keywords for the Ad Groups in both Campaigns.


Unfortunately, when testing Campaign B with Ad Preview and Diagnostics, we get:


1: Your ads are set to show only to users in the locations you've chosen.


2: Your ad isn't being shown for this keyword because there may be other ads within your account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords.


While both statements are individually correct, we don't understand 2 particularly. 1 makes sense, as the German Ad should not show to the Swiss audience, because we specifically targeted it to Germany.


However, 2 does not make any sense, as we want the exact same keywords used in Campaign A to trigger the add when queried from Swiss users.


How can we achieve this?  



Re: Same keywords different location targets yields problems

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Hi Ralf R

You should consider changing your advanced location setting to "people in my targeted location only" and then run a keyword Diagnose from the keywords tab or check Ad preview tool.

Hope that helps...!