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Same countries in several campaigns

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I have set up 2 Display Network campaigns by targeting France and the UK in both of the campaigns. In campaign A I only have placements in French (for France), while in campaign B only placements in English are included (for the UK). I wonder which display ad a person from UK is going to see ( the ad for campaign A or campaign B) given that both of the campaigns target UK? Do they compete somehow? 



Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Same countries in several campaigns

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If I got you correctly since they both target different placements (i.e. websites) - they should not compete;
But why  didn't you set a separate campus? One for the UK - one for France?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Same countries in several campaigns

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Hi Azar,

First of all let me ask you, how have you segregated the placements for French & English?

If you had a populated list of placements from which you have taken these placements, then I guess you are in the clear and your approach sounds good but if not, you may want to check on the placements and if they are infact part of the adsense program. Another thing to check here is if your targeting method is set to 'Bid Only'or 'Target & Bid'.

Target & Bid will give you better flexibility with targeting individual placements and bid them depending on performance received.

Also, I agree with Moshe on this, the approach you have used should not lead to the two campaigns competing for the same ad slot on GDN. Along with this, do give Moshes recommendation a thought of segregating campaigns basis the targeted locations.

I think you will have greater flexibility when using that approach and will also allow you to compare performances for both locations and placements in a more efficient manner.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Same countries in several campaigns

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Hi Azar,


I didn't get your question exactly. You should manage campaign like this:


1. Create 2 different for UK and another for France.

2. Select targeted area and language according to your targeted location (For UK--select English, For french and English)

3. Bid differently for both locations.

4. Develop banner or text ads according to targeted location's language. 

5. Select managed or automatically placement.


When you manage your campaigns like this, you can easily monitor performance and enhance them. I recommend you to monitor Display Loss Ads (Rank/Budget) This will give you a clue to where you should make changes.


Hope I helped you.   Thanks

Re: Same countries in several campaigns

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Hi all,

Thanks for the help provided.

I now see that they are not going to compete. I gave the example above to make the idea clear. In reality, I have hundreds of placements which are divided by languages, for example, turkish, english, german, and etc. I have a german campaign with only german placements targeted to some 20 countries. I also have english and turkish placements targeted to the same set of countries. Why do I do it, you may ask me. I want a german person from all the 20 countries to be targeted (he/she may live in turkey and land on a placements in german). Even though the countries are the same the placements differ according to their languages. The idea is to target everyone from the 20 counties, and we know that a turkish person will unlikely go on a german placements, so we take a turkish placements and target it to all the countries for all those who speak turkish. We use bid and target so that to choose specific placements (the manages ones).

Moshe TLV: my objective is not to cover the UK only, but all people who speak english. If I only target the UK I will definitely loose, for ex., someone from germany or belgium, let's say. That's why I took all the english language placements and targeted to all the 20 countries I need to cover everyone who theoretically speak english and read english sites/placements. I did the same for german, turkish, and other languages.

For ShashankSingh: Yes, I've used manage placements for this purpose. I segregated the placements by language of the placements/site. If it is mainly in english I put it into the UK campaign and target all the needed countries (some 20 or more countries, let's say). By doing so I capture a person from austria or germany, or italy who lands on that specific english language placement.

For Virendra Kumar: I cannot create campaigns for each and every country, because, as I wrote above, in that case I would limit myself to the UK or any other country which I do not want to do. I just use language specific placements, create ads in the respective language and launch them. The main drawback of this approach is that I cannot set budgets and get more specific reporting. I use managed placements and bid differently for different locations.

Thanks again for your hints Smiley Happy