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Role of Ad extension

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I have a question running in my mind. Is there any role of ad extension in Ad positioning?

Let's consider some cases:

Case 1. For example my Ad and competitor's ad relevance and landing page quality score is same. All other conditions like even our bid is same, but I am not using ad extension while my competitor is using a (site link extension or call extension). Will google preffer to place his ad before my?

Case 2. Targeting USA Search: Again all conditions are same and I am using location extension for India based site. While my competitor is using location extension for USA based site. Will Google consider his ad first?

Case 3. Targeting USA Search: Again all conditions are same and I am not using any extension for my Indian site. But my competitor is using location extension for an Indian site. what will be ad result?



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September 2015

Re: Role of Ad extension

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Hi Amit,

Welcome to AdWords CommunitySmiley Happy

Yes Ad Extension FORMAT is an important factors to determine for Ad Rank. In October Google has update Ad Extensions Format will increase your ad ranks:-

Now come to your situations. It is hard to tell exact solutions on given case:-

#1 If all the conditions matches definitely Google will give your competitors ads preference.
# 2 Google always prefers relevant ad extensions that gives better users experience, so In this case again your competitors will win. Even Google will not consider your location extension.
#3 I think i have covered this questions in second one.

But remember Google always calculate QS and Ad Rank on real time
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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