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Review Extensins - What Are Valid Review Sources?

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 So, I tried adding Google reviews to my review extensions and they were all disapproved.  I used this tool to get the URL that points to the business review page on Google.


Apparently Google don't like you using it's own reviews which seems rather ironic.


So what's the next most popular source of local reviews for businesses?  I'd argue Yelp would be one of them if not THE most popular with the most reviews.  Review extensions reject Yelp.


I've heard BBB reviews are a valid souce.  And also see a reference to  Don't you think it would be helpful for Google to post a list of approved review sources so businesses can decide which sites they should make sure they are listing on that is most appropriate for their business and is an approved Google review source?  I can't believe such a list doesn't exist?



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Re: Review Extensins - What Are Valid Review Sources?

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Hi @Jeff C;

There are many sources. I don't think there is a "closed" list, but there are guidelines and rules based on which, the review is approved.

The guidelines are published as part of the Policy;

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Re: Review Extensins - What Are Valid Review Sources?

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I've seen this document and frankly I'm a bit tired of 90% of the responses to very specific questions in these discussion forums are lnks to Google published documents that half the time don't really address the specific question.  This is a good example.  In this particular document you referenced, There is a section titled "Use a credible, third party source", then below that there is a section titled "see examples" you can open up.  In the examples, only two review sites are used: "Bing Magazine" and ""  Gee, that's REALLY helpful as far as determining WHO are the "credible, third party sources."


So essentially, unless you have another document you want to point me to, the list of actual websites approved by Google IS CLOSED/PRIVATE.


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Re: Review Extensins - What Are Valid Review Sources?

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there is no published list of valid review-extension sources.

even if there were such such a list, that would not mean that the source
could necessarily be used with respect to an individual review quote -- the
accurate, current, unique, substantive, credible, and potential permission,
parts of the policies would all still need to be met.

the list is essentially unbounded; for example, almost every objective,
reputable, high-quality, newspaper and magazine would likely be listed,
and only as a start -- from the new york times to the times picayune.

using the published prohibited-criteria is likely
the best method to evaluate a potential source --
then, apply the remaining review-extension policies
to the individual review snippet.