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Remarketing is not working

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I have money on my account. I've created remarketing list with over 1200 users for search ads and for display ads in multiple variants. I've created a campaign with display ads. Everything is approved and "active". In "Display Network" i've added remarketing list to be targeted with the campaign. The campaign is online for several days but until now there is no display and no clicks. I'm running out of ideas.


Today for a moment there was a info i should add keyword or site targeting. But i don't want to select sites to be targeted. I would like the ad to be displayed on all websites visited by user. What to do for this campaign to be running properly?

Re: Remarketing is not working

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
If you are getting no ad impression, it typically means that your Bid is not high enough to capture one of the available ad slots on the websites that the your prior visitor has now entered.

I suggest bumping your Bid prices. I use an aggressive approach, but with Frequency Capping and bid $1.50 to $3.00 for my remarketing clicks, because my Search click CPC's are really high -$40- $50 a click. So think in terms of what you are willing to pay to get one more crack at the person?

Also if your remarketing list are set up for People wo have already bought, wouldn't your want to get them back to you site faster to potentially buy again? Up that Bid.

Your remarketing list can be organized in many ways, and it come down to you how you want to recapture them and what that recapture click is worth,. Remember many people in the Display Network think $0.05 to $0.25 is what they will pay for a display click. Larger companies pay more. For your ad to show you need to TEST the BID prices and just go for it.

I have had some success with remarketing bringing in repeat sales, but it's not an immediate X clicks = Y Sales. I have a budget I put on remarketing and let that work it's magic.

Hope that Helps
Eric G