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Remarketing campaign and Location targeting

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Hi Everyone,


I am running re-marketing (display only) campaigns from a long time. Out of two remarketing campaigns each for two serving states Arizona & Nevada, Arizona Remarkeing campaigns is not showing any impression, whereas Nevada has around 500 impressions each day.


I have set location extension to corresponding state for both the campaigns and have common and individual re-marketing list for both the campaigns. 


My question is: Why "Arizona Remarkeing campaigns" has zero impressions?

What is the role of location extension in remarketing lists?




Re: Remarketing campaign and Location targeting

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Hi Coupon A,

This is an interesting scenario. The lists you are using, have you checked that they are populated (have eligible users in each list?).

Have you checked your campaign exclusions and made sure that you are not excluding a majority of your potential audience (perhaps the exclusion was set at a campaign level).

Location extensions in remarketing lists will only play a role if you are using text ads as well.
read the link here:
If you look under the first drop down you will see what effect location extension CAN have on a display text ad.

That being said the next thing for you to try or check would be your bidding structure. Try switching to manual CPC and increasing your bids, as you may not be bidding enough to be eligible to show your ads.

Furthermore ensure that your budget is sufficient for this campaign at the same time.

Let me know if any of this helps