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Remarketing Campaign Cookies not dropping to the brower?

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 why remarketing cookie not dropping to browser when i come directly to the website. 


I am trying to avoid to showing google paid ads to convereted members, so i have created negative remarketing list for them . 


Its working when user registered from google SEO or SEM , but it will not work when user come directly to typing my site url .


Please help us to solve this issue . 

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Re: Remarketing Campaign Cookies not dropping to the brower?

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Hello and welcome,


I think for the scenario you are explaining here about remarketing, you will have to create custom combination lists so that your remarketing ad is not shown to the users who have already converted. Did you follow the below reference to create custom combinations correctly:


In addition, also take care of the membership duration of the list which you are creating depending upon the buying cycle of your product or service.


Hope that helps somewhere!


Re: Remarketing Campaign Cookies not dropping to the brower?

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Hi karthikeyan A,


Hmm...I wonder how you are testing this first of all.


Really, it would also be interesting to know if your Ad landing pages vary or if all users, regardless of referrer end up at your home page.  The first thing to check is to make sure you have remarketing code properly installed on every page of your site.


Secondly, I think there are a few things you should consider.


1. Regardless of where or how a user is referred to your site, not all browsers are set to accept cookies, or they end after a session etc...


2.  You mention that you want to create a negative list.  Pankaj is 100% correct in suggesting a Custom Combination and I wanted to give you a scenario.  


List 1 - All site visitors

List 2 - Converted Members - This would need to be set up for you by identifying a page on your site that is only accessible by registering on your site - perhaps a registration confirmation page.  

List 3 - (Not required at all) As a side note, to keep lists current, sometimes it's a good idea to have a similar negative list for users who log in, for instance. You'll know these users are registered if they're logging in right?  It's a good backup to your original negative list.


3. Then target your campaign using a custom combination where you specify:


'Users included or interested in...' list 1 (all visitors) AND 'none of these audiences' list 2 (converted users) and & list 3 (if desired - registered/logged in users).  This will remove the 'Converted and Registered Users' from your audience.


If you can elaborate on how you've come to see this issue of the organic vs SEO/SEM situation, we may be able to help figure out why.


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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