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Relationship between final url, {lpurl}, and tracking templates

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I'd like to do some tracking at the ad level for my site. So at the ad level, I'd create a tracking template that'd look like this:




And if my final url is set to say,, and the id of the creative is 1234, the result would be something like:


My question is whether or not this is allowed, given that the final url is different than what the tracking template will generate. I'm aware of the relationship between display and final url (same domain, etc), but I was curious as to whether this is acceptable or not. Likewise, if my tracking template is something alone the lines of:{creative}


and I know ahead of time what finalurls the creative points to (via the API), am I allowed to redirect to something other than the finalurl? For instance, if I create an ad with id 1234 with a final url of, and the above tracking template, and if someone clicks on it, they'd be redirected to:


Which would know that 1234 maps to an ad with a final url of However, is then allowed to redirect to something like:


If someone could clarify what the relationship is between final url, {lpurl}, and tracking templates in the context of what is allowed, that would be great!


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Re: Relationship between final url, {lpurl}, and tracking templates

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Welcome to the community!


I will try my best to help you out here.


To keep simple, lets assume the following:


Final URL:
Tracking Template: ?my_custom_param=Value


Now, if you wish to track the custom param, your Final URL's + Tracking Template would look like this:{_Value}


When you are uploading your ad copies, you need to fill three columns here:


1. Final URL (without tracking template)

2. Tracking Template

3. Custom Parameter


These 3 columns would look something like this:


Final URL             Tracking Template                           Custom Parameter        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}     {_Value}=1234        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}     {_Value}=5678        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}     {_Value}=9012        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}     {_Value}=3456





The reason I recommend you declare a custom parameter separately and not in the Tracking Template it self is because, this way you can assign different values at individual URL level. Hope this makes sense.


If you wish to add more custom variables, you do that by adding parameters to the tracking template and the Custom Variable column.


Final URL             Tracking Template                                        Custom Parameter        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}&custom_param2={_Value2}   {_Value}=1234;{_Value2}=5678        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}&custom_param2={_Value2}   {_Value}=5678;{_Value2}=9012        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}&custom_param2={_Value2}   {_Value}=9012;{_Value2}=3456        {lpurl}?my_custom_param={_Value}&custom_param2={_Value2}   {_Value}=3456;{_Value2}=7890




and so on.


Hope this Helps!




Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Relationship between final url, {lpurl}, and tracking templates

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Thanks for the response... that was extremely helpful. I still have a question regarding the use of custom / valuetrack parameters. If I have this setup for an ad:


final URL:

tracking_template: ?my_custom_param={creative}


Then when someone clicks on the ad, then from my understanding they'll wind up on a page that looks like:


Likewise, if I have the following / nearly identical setup like this:


final URL:

tracking_template: {lpurl}?my_custom_param={creative}


Which should result in someone ending up at:


I just want to know whether or not this is "allowed", given that the user is ending up on a slightly modified page. For instance, if I know that I have the presence of "my_custom_param" in the URL, I might tweak the page accordingly (change the headline, etc). I just don't want to run afoul of any violations, since that goes a bit beyond simply tracking.