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Regional Targeting

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Hi all.  New adwords user here with a question about targeting a region with keywords.

Is it better to target keywords that include the region, thusly:


    goth baby clothes orlando, fl

Or is it better to restrict a campaign to a region and drop that info from the keyword, like so:


    goth baby clothes


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Re: Regional Targeting

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Hello there;

This question does come up from to time;

Since Geo targeting is not perfect - the smaller the Geo-region targeted, the bigger the inaccuracy in identifying a user's location

If you are targeting a wide area, in a well-known location (e.g. Orlando),  having the region name as a keyword (aka targeting by intent ) is a redundancy;

However; If you are targeting a small town or a suburb  - I would also include it as a part of the keyword.


Read the following discussion:

Location Targeting or Location Keywords - which is best?

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Re: Regional Targeting

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Awesome!  Thanks for the help.