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Recovering an adwords account

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Hello All,


In a bad situation ( and google isnt available at week ends).


I Have good apps, and the only thing attached to this one account was our adwords, but at the time I didnt think of that and removed the email adress.


I have an mcc and when I log into that I can still see the account but its says its not running / cancelled.


I have an adwords editor back up of the account.


 have also reset the email adress so it live again.


Would should I do do you guys think?  I cant access it directly any more only through a mcc, so should I wait until Monday ( that will hurt cash wise as it produces a lot of sale for us) or should I upload the account to a new adwords account, and will this hurt us?


Never come across this before (im fairly seasoned with adword) but dot know of a solution.


Any help is much appreciated.

Re: Recovering an adwords account

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Found how I undelete the email address and I am able to log in directly using that email address. The problem is still that when I click here -

"This account has been cancelled.

The ads are not running and all other account activity has been stopped. Any edits that you make here will take effect only if you reactivate the account. If you would like to do so, please click here."

It comes up with an error.