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Re: Quality Score Help

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Hi Thomas, I'm going to move this post to the AdWords community since this is not a GMB issue.

Good Luck
Colan Nielsen, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Quality Score Help

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I have created a new campaign,ad groups etc.


The QS for my keywords is stuck at 6/10. I understand that the quality score will remain at 6 until enough keyword data has been collected. This is somewhat problematic for me as I am under a deadline, and I need to optimise the keywords asap. Any recommendations to speed this process up?  I am thinking of changing the bidding strategy to Maximise Clicks as a temporary solution.


Please advise



Re: Quality Score Help

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Hi Thomas,

Would you be mind to bring this more detail way? As of I think the queries all about to enhance Quality score, please confirm If I'm on the same page with you.

Re: Quality Score Help

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You may want to quickly troubleshoot with following options :

1. If your website is not mobile friendly just try to switch off mobile targeting (use mobile bid modifiers to do it.)
2. Introduce new ads to your campaign/adgroup. Plus It's good to use creatives which has worked well in past campaigns using same display URL.
3. Try to see how your keyword is doing at different QS component which are clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Fix things if you find anything odd there.
4. Try to get keywords with similar theme/landingpage in one adgroups and run specific ads for it. It's good to use minimum 3 ads per adgroup.

Increasing bids doesn't help in improving QS but if you are running campaign for the first time on adwords it may help you to gather more data around ads and landing pages.In case you want to read more about QS refer to the following link :

Hope this helps.


Re: Quality Score Help

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Try to maintain the relevancy between Campaign - Ad Group - Key World and Landing Pages. If possible use Keyword specific landing page URL.
For Ad Group name 'Red Frock' - Try to use Red Frock theme keywords and create Ad Copy focusing your top keyword (don't forget to use your USP and CTA - it will help to increase your CTR, which actually take a big roll to improve your keyword quality score ) and use landing page which contains all red frock and after all use recommended bid and leave it for 1-2 weeks - hope this would work for you.