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Rating extensions - are you kidding me??

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Hi there,


I need to ask a question (and vent my spleen) about star ratings. Me and my team have been working hard to get to 30 reviews on our local listing in order to have the star rating show up on the AdWords ads.. today I found out that these ratings dont actually count and cannot be used as an extension! So we've been wasting our time getting these reviews on Google+ 


1. How on earth is it possible that Google allows 3rd party reviews to show up as star ratings but not its own rating system??? We've worked so hard to get to 30 reviews!


2. Does anybody know if one of these 3rd party systems allow an import of the existing Google+ local reviews?


Thank you! :-) 



Re: Rating extensions - are you kidding me??

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Gmail A,

AdWords Express uses the Google my Business Stars. ( at least I think they still do)

Regardless of use in Adwords of the stars, the Reviews are a positive Branding message for the Business and pay dividends well beyond and AdWords Click.

You time was not wasted.

As far as importing reviews you would have to research the approved list companies, a link to the list with links is below:

3rd Party Review Sites - Stars

Where seller ratings come from
Seller ratings may appear for certain businesses when their website, ad, or product listing appears across Google products. We do not modify existing reviews. We connect users with reviews from seller ratings websites and other sources. To provide consistent ratings, we re-scale Google ratings on a 1-5 scale and filter out reviews that we consider to be untrustworthy or otherwise questionable.

We base seller ratings on a number of sources, including:
Google Trusted Stores, a free certification program that can improve your conversion rate and average order size by reassuring potential customers that you offer a great shopping experience.
StellaService, an independent company that rates the customer service performance of online businesses. (This feature is in limited release within the U.S.)
Ratings from Google Consumer Surveys, a market research platform which we use to collect data for certain domains and businesses.
Shopping reviews for your store domain, which include reviews from the various third-party sources listed below.
We feature reviews via feeds from these independent review websites:
The Feedback Company
Shopper Approved
Trusted Shops
If you don’t yet have reviews for your store, you can sign up for Google Trusted Stores, a certification program which collects seller ratings for free.

Rating extensions - are you kidding me??

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I have 12 reviews of 5 stars on Google + and one person whom I have never done business with but doesn't like me personally left a 1 star and google shows my trustworthyness rating as 1 star and totally ignores all of the 5 stars.  Seems like a good system to me (last statement is sarcasm).