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Random call-extension visibility ?

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I have just done a search on one particular keyword of mine, and I think the way that the call-extensions feature works, might be a little on the crazy side?


I have also checked out this page:


Whilst I realize and understand that there are various factors that determine where an advert appears on a page, it's worth pointing out that one of my ads has just appeared THIRD down from the top, yes, you read that right, THIRD DOWN, in other words, just above the organic listings.  And yet the phone number doesn't show?????  Although I can't prove it, I am pretty sure that I've seen the advert lower than that, and the phone number DID show, and definitely so with my competitors!   And yes, I've checked everything, and all appears well.


I just don't get it????

Re: Random call-extension visibility ?

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Hey there,


The biggest determination of whether an extension (any of them) shows is your ad rank, which is mainly influenced by your Quality Score and bid.


So even if you bid really high to boost your ad rank and get third position, if your QS is poor (especially in relation to the competition in the same auction), then you are less likely to see extensions in and around your ad.


I've seen call extensions on ads in 7th position down the right hand side before... which is good, because they obviously had a great QS and just not a very high CPC, but that didn't disadvantage them.


So - for the keyword you are checking on, what's the QS/10?


Looking down that route might help you...

Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+

Re: Random call-extension visibility ?

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for your quick response, I really appreciate it. I guess I'll just have to somehow work on improving my QS in the best way I can. (incidentally the QS for the above was 3/10, so that probably explains it). However I find it bizarre that one of my other keywords, that apparently is rarely searched for, and has zero impressions, has a QS of 7/10. Go figure!
I know this is a separate question for you (and I have posted a separate thread about it, but didn't feel that I got a satisfactory answer), but how do you get past the 25 character limit on the ad title? I know that it seems possible, because one of my competitors has managed an ad title of 26 characters. There is DKI, but it doesn't seem to apply to location specific searches, which is what I'm particularly interested in. Can you advise on this please? Thanks.