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Random Keywords Triggering My Ads

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October was my first month managing my business' AdWords accounts. I've made many changes to keywords, Ads, Ad Groups, the works. I'm starting to see Quality Scores of 10/10. So I must be doing something right. Smiley Happy

Though here's my problem: my boss won't let me increase our budget, so I'm doing what I can with what I have, but now I'm starting to lose valuable clicks to people making searches completely irrelevant to my ads. For example: today I got a broad match on my keyword. The keyword was "life web". The match? "tngtong_cpl cam". I can't spend $25/day for these clicks when my daily budget is $50.

Why am I paying $4.00 for a click that has that poor match? I max out on my budget every day thanks to matches like this. What am I doing wrong? Every time I get odd matches, I add them to the negative keywords.


What else do I need to do?

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Random Keywords Triggering My Ads

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I @Philip J,


Welcome to AdWords. It's great to hear you are achieving keyword quality scores of 10/10... which is certainly ideal. 


The first think you need to do is to understand the different keyword types and use mostly exact match keywords


Next, you have to put negative keywords to work for you. If you open AdWords and click on the keywords tab, you will see a sub-tab called Search Term Report. Click on the that and you will see what searches had action on them. Find all of those searches that you do not want and add them as negative keywords by checking the box next to them and then clicking the add as negative button above the list. 


With these things done, you will less and less bad clicks. Then you will want to put Google Analytics and Google Search Console to work in digging into the metrics and actions to see how to dial in things further. And you will want to make sure your ads and landing page are well-structured so that you are sending a clear message about what you offer. 


Once you take all of this in and see how it all connects... it will be time to rethink your use of AdWords and set up goals so that conversions are happening. This is where your boss will see more and more of the value with AdWords and appreciate it and you even more, too. 


I would also employ all of the campaign types that you can. Search, Display and Video... with remarketing. Remarketing can only work after someone has visited your website or app... so those are very precise visitors you will want to target.  


I hope this info helps. 


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Random Keywords Triggering My Ads

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In addition to @James_Clemens excellent advice - The most important things to remember are that AdWords is an ongoing process, and never make assumptions! Analyze all the data you have, and base any decisions for management or optimization based on that data. Analyze, test, optimize, and repeat.


Furthermore - Clicks cost money, conversions (sales) make money. If you don't have an advertising goal, and a conversion strategy designed to meet that goal, then you don't know which clicks are good or bad. A QS of 10 is meaningless if every click associated with that KW never results in any sales. Conversely, a KW could have a QS of 1 and be the most valuable term in the entire account.


If you focus on profitability and Return On Ad Spend over QS, then you can generate more revenue, and your employer may authorize more budget. If the more you spend the more you make for the company, your boss would be a fool not to pay you in order to retain your services. Smiley Happy