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I have a website Its a clothing website targetting USA online shoppers. I make average $5 on each sale in my website. I am trying to use adword to get more traffic and sales but the keywords I am trying to go for is very expensive. Jeans, Skinny Jeans, T Shirts, Shirts, Dresses, and Swimwear are keywords which are serached a lot from USA and I want to target them. But most of the keywords are costing $3 per click so I am confused how to use it, since I am making only $5 per sale. I need help on setting up my adword campign in the best way to be in profit.

Regards. Biswajit Dhir Deo

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Hi Biswajit,

First is your shop is well known in the area? If yes you can use your shop name instead of keywords like Skinny jeans etc. If not you have to spend sometime and money on making awareness about the shop you own,

Talking about common business like clothing you have to understand there will be lot of competitors and lot of buyers. So you directly competing for common keyword like that with a law budget won't help you to win the competition. ( Even though you got a amazing website and quality score)

So I would prefer you focusing on narrowing your keywords to specific keywords or focusing on a USP on your business.

For SME's digital advertising is the best opportunity, but when you entering SEM with a lower budget you need to be creative on your ads to compete with bigger companies Smiley Happy

Also at last if you can try adword express. It might give you a better chance.


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Ty Nisal for your kind words for my website and also for the helpful tips on promoting my website. It's very hard to have success with Google Adword considering the big amount they are charging for keywords. I mean if they charge $3 for a click, and if one sale hapens after say 20 clicks then the cost to get a sale is $60. So, promoting products which give $5-$10 commission per sale is not commerically viable with Adword. Google should think on it and price it accordingly so more advertisers can use Adword.

Thanks again.



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Actually Google have thought about it Smiley Happy In the bidding option you can decide what kind of goal you are expecting from this advertising. Whether its to make awareness so you can purely focus on CPC or whether you want sales to be happen so you can focus on CPA bidding method -

Anyhow as you mentioned it is not a easy task to get in to top with low budget for common keywords like what you mentioned Smiley Happy

That's why i suggest you some alternative methods in the first post

Hope this help you.