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I am having trouble getting my remarketing tag approved. I have read the instructions many times and tried to make the changes I think it requires but it never works. I am using my Merchant Centre number for the Ecomm prodid. Page type is home, product, basket. I'm confused about what to put in the total value area? I just want to paste the one code. Does it require that I paste a code on every different page with different values displayed in each?


I really have read the instructions many times. There seems to be something I'm missing. I've posted the code in the CMS section of my website under my analytics code (this is where my web provider put it). In the Shared Library section Prod Id, Page Type and Total Value all have errors. 


So, Prod Id should be my Merchant Centre no right?

Page Type can be home, product, basket?

What is the value if you're pasting the code across the entire site? Each of my products have different values. How do you implement this?


Very confused.

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Hi Zoe, can you clarify what sort of Remarketing you're trying to set up?  Most of your post sounds like you're looking for Dynamic Remarketing, based upon products sourced through your Merchant Centre but it also sounds like you're trying to set up only one instance of the tag, which is how standard Remarketing works.


If you're looking to set up Dynamic Remarketing you'll need bespoke code for each product that you sell - the prod id you mention is the unique identifier for your product used in your Merchant Centre feed, not your Merchant Centre number and the ecomm_totalvalue is either the value of the individual product if viewed on a single product page or the total value of the order if viewed on a checkout (cart) page with multiple items.


I think the primary confusion you have here is that you're trying to add the code once whereas Dynamic Remarketing is intended to work for each product in a feed.


More about Dynamic Remarketing.




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Thanks so much for that. What you're saying is making sense and yes, I am trying to set up Dynamic Remarketing. So, each product page will need the code pasted individually with the Product ID that I use in the merchant centre? How does that work with pages like 'Home' and 'Checkout'?