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Questions from a novice (2)

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Hi all,


I was introducing AdWords to a prospective client and she asked me: "Why do I have to let you manage my AdWords account? Why don't I go directly to Google and ask them to manage my AdWords account for me?"


Does Google manage AdWords accounts for clients? I think they do. I am not sure how to answer that question. Just wondering if someone could help.


Moreover, I was asked the difference between paid and organic listings. Can someone suggest something else in addition to "generating more traffic" as stated in Ch. 15 of the learning center? Push organic listing down the search results? Direct users to a specific landing page?




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Re: Questions from a novice (2)

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Hey Acrm,


Regarding your second question - this post that was publish 2 weeks ago might help you: 


New research: Organic search results and their impact on search ads


Cheers & Good Luck,



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Re: Questions from a novice (2)

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Hello acrm,


Google provides dedicated account managers only to high spenders.

However all AdWords bona fide users can call or email Google AdWords representatives at any time for questions.

This leaves a lot of room for self managed accounts and professional agencies (like you I believe) that can be employed to add value by providing a dedicated specialist service.

Check the Googler Certified Partenr program and the Top Contributors of this Community for example (no guarantee made or implied).

Many of the frequent visitors to this Community are agencies, you can judge the quality of their advice, testimony to what they can offer offline.

Good luck,



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Re: Questions from a novice (2)

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Thank you all for your information. Smiley Happy

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