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Questions about Adwords

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I'm really lost in Adwords right now..


1) I have a campaign that uses search and display network. I want the placements only to be automatic placements. Do i have to choose "bid only" or "target only"?


2) I excluded some of my "good" placements by mistake. I wanted to get them back, so under exclusions, i clicked ond delete. Now they are deleted and nothing happens when i choose "enable". How can I "undelete" them without having to add them as managed placements?


3) I have some managed placements in one of my ad groups. Why are they listed under "negative placemens" for that same adgroup in the adwords editor. 

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Re: Questions about Adwords

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Hi Jennifer, welcome to the Community!


#1  The options for bidding and targeting are really independent of managed and automatic placements.  These options refer to other targeting methods such as Remarketing Lists, age or gender, etc. where you want to modify a set of placements by an additional option.  For example, if you were targeting a set of websites (placements) and wanted to ensure your Ads were only shown to women, you could specify that option as "Target only".  If you only wanted to change the bids when the viewer was a woman, you'd choose "Bid Only", if you want to target men and women, but wanted to control the bids for each gender you'd choose "Bid & Target".  Does this help?  This option can be really confusing so please follow-up if you have any more questions.


#2  Placements are excluded by being in the exclusion list.  If you've deleted them from the list they're no longer excluded so should be a valid placement again.  Are you seeing data for this placement?

#3  I've not been able to replicate this.  Is your Campaign a "Search & Display Select" Campaign?  Are you certain (sorry) you're looking at negatives, not positives?



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Re: Questions about Adwords

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I actually just switched to search only (before I had the normal Search & Display network" one) so now I can't take a screen shot anymore of my managed placements in adwords, and then those same placements being under the negatives in the editor, because my managed placements are not in the list anymore after switching to Search only. I'll post a screenshot if I come across that problem again.

As I switched to search only, I also can't check if the placements I deleted from the exclusion list showed data. But thank you very much for the answers!