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hi im ashley samuels me an my business partner have got a few questions to ask you if i get a google account with your google adwords and i spent the £25.00 on google addwords for my website and advertising on my website if i get the £75.00 voucher is their a time limit ive got to use the £75.00 gift voucher please can you email me the answer to my question an how do i go about setting everything up once i set up an account with you please email me at thanks ashley samuels x

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September 2015

Re: Questions AdWords

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Hi Ashley S Smiley Happy. Welcome to the community. Before going to your question, I need to remind you that, please don't expose your email address here in order to protect your privacy. I have thread for you to see about the gift voucher. Here it is-
For more info on how to get started,go here-

Hope that helps. Good luck Smiley Happy