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Question on Negative keywords and ad group.

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Hi Friends,


 Am new to adwords and am going to run a small campaign. I have 2 queries.


1. I have created an adgroup and inserted highly relevant keywords on the adgroup. If I create 4, 5 ad copies for the ad group and all are very relevant to each other, and if anyone searches for a query, will adwords searches for the highly relevant ad copy for the search query and shows to the users, right?


2. Negative keywords. 


For example I would like to rank for

1. xx services in city 1

2. xx services in city 2


but i dont want to rank for 

xx services in city 3


In this case, I would like to add only the word 'city 3' as negative keyword or the whole sentense 'xx services in city 3'. If I add 'city 3' as negative keywords, will I wont rank for any search that includes the word 'city 3' ??


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Question on Negative keywords and ad group.

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Hi Sri,


They are two good queries.


1.) There are different ad rotations available but there isn't one which will match the most relevant ad copy to the search term in question. You can utilise the keyword insertion tool however to replace a section of your ad with the search term being used, you can learn more about this here but feel free to ask your own questions about it.


You can also learn more about your ad rotation options here.


2.) If you add "city 3" in negative broad match then any search including "city 3" will not trigger your ads. You are also able to exclude locations so you might want to consider doing that also.


Let us know if you need any additional help!

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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