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Question about managed placements in Google Display Network

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I am having an issue with a Lightbox ad I have created with the ad gallery. I picked 3 managed placements, everything has been approved, waited a couple of days, tried upping my budget and still no activity. There is nothing to signify any issues just no activity! In the status column when I hover over the speech bubble above the "managed" status, a pop-up appears that reads Displaying ads right now : No. but no hints as to why.

As these websites were options in the managed placement list of sites with data supporting the insight on impressions wouldn't that mean that they are eligible to display my ads? Plus the fact I have seen Google ads on these sites.  

Do some websites only allow Doubleclick studio lightbox ads?

 2 of the sites are




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Question about managed placements in Google Display Network

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Hi @Agent Port S you say you've tried upping your budget, but it's more likely to be a CPC issue - too low.  What are your other targeting settings, e.g. Location, Demographics, etc.  If you've defined too small a target there may be too few visitors that fit your profile, combined with other competition, to show your Ads.



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Re: Question about managed placements in Google Display Network

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Hi @Jon_Gritton
Great to hear from you!
I have set an advanced location target to co-ordinates of a suburb (as it wasn’t listed) with a 10km radius. Is this too targeted?
I have set my CPC to $10 and a $40 a day budget. Wasn’t wanting to spend this much a day but just testing the waters to hopefully get some action.