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Question about DFP and AdWords

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Hi, I have a question regarding the relationship between AdWords and DFP.


The site I manage is a (fairly) large forum site (about 20k visits per day). We started to use DFP a long time ago to manage publishing ads because we do sometimes engage in contracts that require us to manage AdSense and those other advertisers simultaneously.


When we were using AdSense without DFP I could log into AdWords (not to bid, of course!) and see the site listed in the top 5 to 10 sites for important keywords.


When we don't have any other contracts we use DFP's "default" -- to offer the ad-spots on AdWords and fill them. This works fine and we get both the ads and the income.


However, if I sign into AdWords (using a completely unrelated account) I no longer see our site listed anywhere for any keywords. If we create specific targeted placements (e.g. targeting the "relationship" part of our forum) then neither the site nor the placement shows up.


I assume the site must be listed on AdWords for us to receive ads to publish/generate income? So why can we no longer see it listed since moving to DFP?


Is there something I'm not understanding?


Thanks in advance for any replies Smiley Happy

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Re: Question about DFP and AdWords

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To the best of my knowledge, if that second account (which you are talking about) is not related to your primary account, how come will it show you the stats inside AdWords? Also, are you saying that you have created 2 AdWords accounts? Can you clarify more on this?





Re: Question about DFP and AdWords

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The first account is solely used to publish advertisements via DFP/AdSense.

Obviously we would never create account to actually bid on our own site in AdWords, but I was curious to see how we placed in AdWords.

Before using DFP (whilst simply using AdSense channels) I know the site placed in the top 5-10 sites for certain important keywords when searching for placements. Since using DFP, however, the site doesn't display at all in the listings, even when using the "offer this placement through Google AdWords option (see image)."


Hence my question. When using vanilla AdSense we place in the top 5-10 -- switch to DFP and use AdSense to fill in unused space and we don't even appear on AdWords.


Nor do any of our placement groupings appear... Yet we still receive ads via AdSense so surely the site is receiving bids via AdWords?


I've asked at the DFP forum and they suggested I post here.