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Query about Quality Score

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Hello all,

      I'm a newb here and am trying to set up an adwords campaign.


I've got as fas as creating my ads and selecting my keywords etc.  I have the destination URL set up to go to a page on the website which matches (at least I thought it did) the keywords and context of the ad.


I've only just set it up so apparently it has to be cjhecked by an Adwords specialist.


However the quality score given in the status against my keywords is awfully low - mainly 3s and some 2s.

The keywords are tightly themed and broadly matched.  In all of the keywords at least some or all appear in the title of the ad ad the ad body and in the title / keywords / description text etc of the landing page.


Have I completely missed the point.  Why is the quality score so low?

Any general ideas - I'm wondering if I should just start again. 

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Re: Query about Quality Score

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Hello ajay1234; Welcome to AdWords;


Keep in mind that until your keywords reach 1000 impressions (for each )- your QS is based on other advertisers average QS, (calculated using "exact match " of a given keyword.)

The reason you are given "others" QS is, that there is not enough data to set / establish QS(s) for your keywords.


When your campaign starts to receive impressions, and to gain clicks, the system can calculate QS(s) for your keywords. (CTR is the major parameter for QS.)



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Re: Query about Quality Score

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Hi ajay123,


Most likely you have chosen keywords that have performed poorly in the past for other advertisers.


Use the Ad preview and diagnostic tool and do a search for your keywords. I'd bet you see no ads on the SERPS. That doesn't mean you can place your ad inexpensively on those pages. It's more likely to mean other advertisers have tried those keywords and have had little success.


Then I'd use the keyword tool to come up with other keywords ideas that might work for you.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Query about Quality Score

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Hi Moshe and Peter,

   Thanks for your quick responses - things may be beginning to fall into place a little (I can be a little slow sometimes).


My ads have yet to be approved.  There are ads in the SERPS for my targeted terms.  I have just noticed that against each of the keywords it is telling me that my bids are below the first page minimum.


Doesthis then mean that I have to increase my bid to the higher (ouch - seems exorbitant) minimum bid price to actually get impressions so my true quality score can be worked out.  I mean do I have to burn through a load of cash for my ads to be evaluated?  


Please tell me if I'm on the right track.


For example purposes say the minimum first page bid is £1


I bid £1.10

My ad is served 1000 times

As an example my ads get 2% ctr


I basically pay 20 x £1.10 to find out my real initial quality score?


I'm just trying to understand the process here rather than decide if I should just bin those keywords.


Is my low bthe affecting the quality score as well?


Sorry if I'm being dim...

Re: Query about Quality Score

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Hello again ajay1234;



Google actually does not disclose the "ingredients"/ formula of the QS

What we do know,  is that CTR is a major component in this formula / recipe. Google does not disclose either how it normalizes the the QS score to a grade between 1 to 10.

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Re: Query about Quality Score

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Hello ajay1234,


If I can jump in and include my thoughts here, I would certainly encourage you to bid as per your advertising budget. Remember, there is no minimum spend required in Adwords, so you can adjust the budget accordingly.


Sometimes, it do happens that the advertisers have to bid little high in order to be in the competition and make sure their ads are runnings fine. But gradually, when you tend to optimize your account in the sense that you work on improving CTR, ad rank for your account, you might see that your Avg. CPC starts reducing and your Quality Score starts improving too.


Another important factor to consider would be exact match CTR of your keyword. If most of the times your keyword is matching exactly with the search term user has entered, this will certainly boost your Quality Score. 


I would strongly encourage you to see this excellent thread posted by Googler Tanmay, which is a real inspiration on how to improve on your Quality Score.


Best of Luck!