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Quality Score

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Hey guys. I have some serious issue with my adwrods account. I'm not sure whether my assumptions are right or not? Please find the same below,

1.Expected click through rate status : Below average
Whether this can be increased to Average/Above Average by creating an ad copy with exact keyword in it?

2.Ad relevance : How this can be increased to Average/Above Average

3.Landing page experience : How this can be increased to Average/Above average

Detailed answers are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Quality Score

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1. It may help occasionally, however, there is no guarantee.


2. Consider the Tips section on the help page linked-to below: 


***   Making sure your ads are relevant   ***


3. Consider the Instructions 1-5 section on the help page linked-to below: 


***   Understanding landing page experience   ***





Quality Score

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Of course, you can improve your ad relevance, landing page experience as well as expected click through rate. These are the three components that make up the quality score  as you have known.


Details of how to improve your quality score  by working on the ad relevance, landing page and click through rate are here:


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Quality Score

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Quality score consists of 3 components:

1. Expected click-through rate

2. Ad relevance

3. Landing page experience


It means that you need to create your ads and landing pages relevant. So your keywords must be closely associated with your website content. This is also the best for your text ads. Dont forget on your ads extensions. Remember that everything is connected.


Check this:



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