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Quality Score - using city's in keywords and ad text

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The campaign is limited to California, should I include the word California in my keyword selection? Should an Ad Group be made for California to increase the keyword relevance?


Since google now automatically searches locally for relevant searches, how does it affect quality score and keyword choice? When do you want to use location in your keywords and/or ad text?


Should their be Ad Groups for each city? Should cities be include in the keyword? the landing pages aren't setup now for location, but since we have agents throughout the state we will be adding local versions of landing pages (San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.)

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Re: Quality Score - using city's in keywords and ad text

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Hi FlorianM,


When i create a local campaign I'll always use my base list of keywords then duplicate them appending the location to the start of end of the keyword phrase. You can even go as far as making sure they are in separate adgroups/campaigns and use the location as a negative phrase match in the general ones to help make sure your location specific ones get the impressions and clicks.


The more specific you can be, the better a QS you are likely to achieve.


For your ad copy, remember that if the user search query matches text in your ads it gets bolded, so you might want to think about using the location in the ad copy for the geo specific keywords/adgroups.


Let me know if this is clear enough, if not I'll try and give you some examples.

Re: Quality Score - using city's in keywords and ad text

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Hello FlorianM;

You need to remember that in the US Geo targeting works much better than the rest of the world.

Thus, If you target all the geographic region of the state of CA, and not a "remote town", I would not  include it in the keyword; It's in my view a redundancy;

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