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Product listing Ads are not appearing

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I have created a Product Listing Ad a few days ago but have not yet gained any impressions at all. I have run searches myself to try to get the PLA to trigger but no result.


I have the feed correctly setup in the Merchant Centre (although with just 1 product until I see it working)

I have targeted United Kingdom, I am located in Ireland with a .ie website

There are no errors in the Data Quality or Feed and all looks fine. Google AdWords helpdesk have looked into it and cannot see any reason why ads are not triggering, except to suggest that I temporarily increase my max bid, which I did this morning to €3.00 per click with a daily budget of €15.00 just to see if ads would show.

Since increasing the bid I still have zero impressions.


My regular AdWords ads are still running fine and gathering impressions and clicks


Anybody got any idea what might be wrong or where I should be looking....?



Re: Product listing Ads are not appearing

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Hello James R ! Welcome to the AdWords Forum !


Raise your daily budget and follow the results, if you receive impressions, just pause the campaign.


The system may be comparing your potential clicks and awarding priority to competitors. 15 euro / 3 euro is 5 clicks, maybe the competitors have bidded a daily budget for 1000 clicks, of course they get there first.Think how many clicks are necessary for a conversion (purchase) . If the system evaluates that on an average for every 50 clicks there is a purchase , your 5 clicks are not worth enough to get listed..


Could you give more details about the setup ? Could you try to set more products , like maybe 5 , to see if it starts triggering impressions ? Expand the chances to have your ads triggered.


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