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Product Listing ads for non-ecommerce website

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Can anyone advise about PLA campaign? Can I create PLA campaign for non ecommerce website?


Is it must to have following attributes in data feed?

product price



SKU and



Many thanks in advance.


Re: Product Listing ads for non-ecommerce website

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Hi Jeff

Availability and price are required in the feed as well as some other attributes. Have a look at the feed specifications:

In short: Unless you don't want to sell your items you can't use product listing ads.

I wonder why you would want to use PLA for a non commerce site?


Re: Product Listing ads for non-ecommerce website

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AleV is right, why you are going for PLA while you don't use eCommerce website.


Google Always says PLA is good for the eCommerce where you want to show your product with Price so that user can see the highlight details through Adwords.


As AleV told you you can't use PLA when you don't have price and product. I suggest you to use normal Adowrds also you can use DKI and DSA instead of PLA.