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Product Listing Campaign

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Hi all,


I need some help setting up the product listing campaign on Adwords. Below is what I have done so far.


- I have set up all the basic settings for the campaign

- create and uploaded the data feed on Google Merchant

- both account are connected


Basically the campaign is ready but it is my first one so i have some doubts:


Do I need to put keywords and write ads for this campaign?


I know that these are stupid questions, but I just want to make sure that I get it right!


Many thanks




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Re: Product Listing Campaign

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No Keywords or Ads need to be written.


Just make sure you have the product extention in your campaign. (Many people forget this)


A low level adgroup with a product target for all products. If you have a huge inventory then it would be wiser to break down into multiple auto targets. Brand, category etc.


Basically you tell Google which product / groups of products you wish to bid on. There aren't any keywords, but you will be able to see the actual search terms that trigger your ads and do some negative keywords, this is a very important step that many do not know about. 


Let me know if you need a hand.





Re: Product Listing Campaign

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Hi there,


Thanks very much, I hadn't put the product extension and I just have, so as soon as I launch it, it should be okay.


The list of products is quite short so for now it's all good. I want to test it for a while and then I will see if I want to add more products.


Thanks for your help though.






Re: Product Listing Campaign

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Hi Oscar,


Product Listing Ads (PLA's) are not the same as product extensions. You do not need to add product extensions to a PLA campaign. For PLA's, the keywords come from your product descriptions. The ad is the item image and a title. You can split the feed into adgroups by applying filters.


Product Extensions run in a regular AdGroup. The extensions are shown with your ad (if you are in a top position and the extension has a good CTR). For those, you add keywords and ads, then add the product extension. You can also filter the product extensions to show only items related to the ad copy.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Product Listing Campaign

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Some advice. Use negative keywords. Our PLAs were triggered by very broad keywords intitially.