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Product Listing Ads for Japan/China/Australia?

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My company has google shopping feeds running in  these three countries and has linked up the accounts with our adwords accounts in the Merchant center interface. What else do we need to do in order to enable the product listing ads in the adwords interface? If PLAs are not yet enabled for these three regions, is there any timeline as to when they could be enabled for those regions? Thanks.

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September 2015

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Hi Expansys,

I grabbed a snippet from this page (assuming it's up to date):

Product listing ads are available in a limited number of countries: The US, UK, France, and Germany.

I can't speak about timelines as I have no such knowledge.

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Hi Expansys, I'm in Australia and run a number of account...

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Hi Expansys,

I'm in Australia and run a number of accounts running the product listing ads so you should be able to get them running here at least.

I'm assuming you've tried going to the ad extensions tab and selected the product extensions to add them in?