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Product Feed Specifics ("Material")

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I have a question regarding the "material" entry in the AdWords product feed.


While the informations regarding, say, the "color" entry are quite detailed, the guidelines for "material" are sorely lacking.

My question is: May the material entry consists of only one word, of one string of words or of several strings (like f.ex. "metal, steel, chromed steel")? I am asking because if the latter isn't the case, I would have to find out which singular material description would catch the attention of most users.

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Re: Product Feed Specifics ("Material")

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Hi there,
Yes, it's a single word. However, it's not required.

"You only need to send us data for variant attributes if your product varies by that specific attribute. So, if your shirts are all made of cotton, there’s no need to send the “Material” attribute. However, if your shirts were available in three colors and three sizes, you would send us nine separate line items, varying by color and size."