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I have had a successful Merchant Account feed for several years.  I have tried to connect it with my Adwords account.  It seems to show up in my Adwords account in a new campaign as I expected.  There seems to be no data being generated in the MyProducts campaign.  I do have products showing up as usual in Google shopping so my Merchant Account feed seems to be OK.  Am I not seeing data till later, it has been a week, or will I lose my Google shopping placement later?


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Hi ingolf99-


Thanks for posting! I'm glad to hear you have started to set up your product listing ads campaign. If everything is okay on the Merchant Center side, you will want to go through the following steps to make sure everything in AdWords is also set up properly:


1. The accounts must be linked in the Merchant Center. This can be done under "Settings."

2. You must link the Merchant Center to a particular campaign in AdWords; this will be done by clicking on the "Ad extensions" tab and choosing "Product extensions." Once you select "New extension," you should be able to add your Merchant Center.

3. Check the "Auto targets" tab; this is where you can add product targets.

4. Next, you will want to create the actual product listing ad, which can be done in the "Ads" tab. When you choose to create a new ad, make sure you choose the PLA. 


Please also keep in mind that PLAs do not work with automatic or CPA bidding, so make sure your campaign is not opted into either of these settings!


For complete details with this set-up process, please refer to the following article from our Help Center: