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Policy on landing pages

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After reading your guidelines about "destination URL" and "display URL" I am still confused.

Q1. If a Google ad leads to a landing page, and from there to a webpage, which is the display and which is the destination?


Q2. Now, say my landing page is hosted by Unbounce; it would have an domain, which would be different from the webpage domain, wouldn't it?  In this case, would my ad be rejected?


Q3. Can a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn URL be used in lieu of an actual webpage URL?


Q4. Is it permitted to use a landing page to get people to sign up for either a freestanding newsletter that is not part of a website, or that is being used as a temporary solution while the underlying website is under construction?



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Re: Policy on landing pages

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Hi there;
The rule is simple: the landing page is the page on which the user "lands" after all redirects. This should be identical to the display URL.

Read the following help article,  which  include a clear and illustrated explanation

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Re: Policy on landing pages

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Hi Luis S,

Q1. A landing page is the webpage the user first hits after clicking on your ad.

Q2. If the landing page is hosted by Unbounce with domain, the display URL must be on You can include other stuff with the display URL, but this is required.

Q3. Twitter, Facebook and LinkeIn are all web pages. Yes, you can do that. Whether that's a wise decision is another question.

Q4. You may not advertise with AdWords any site that has any part that returns an "under construction" page, anywhere.

One other thing. AdWords is not easy or a get-rich program. It takes work and business knowledge. From your post, it sounds like you may have gotten that idea from somewhere. AdWords is effective for advertisers with their own web sites and a business to promote. It's not very effective for affiliate advertisers or for people trying to sell products from a web site that is not their own.

Best of Luck!

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