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Points to consider while optimising AdWords Campaign

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Hello Friends,

You must have created AdWords campaign. Now what??


Here, i'm discussing a few points which you need to take care of while you are optimising your campaigns. It'll not only help in getting higher conversion rate but also reduce cost per conversion to a greater extent.


1. Search Term Report

2. Negative Keywords

3. Segmentation

4. Auction Insight Report

5. Experiments with Ad-Copies

6. Ad Scheduling

7.Bid Adjustment



Let's have a look at all of them 

1. Search term report gives the best idea about negative keywords to a greater extend. Based on search term report, you can get to know if you are getting relevant traffic to your website or not. Along with that, it helps in finding negative keywords. By analysing the report carefully, one can reduce cost per conversion by 15-20%.


EXAMPLE: Let's say, you are running a campaign for your digital marketing agency and as per search term report your ads is appearing for keywords like "digital marketing courses", "digital marketing institutes" & "best books for digital marketing". With the help of search term report you can add courses, institutes & books as your negative keywords, By doing so your ad will not be appeared for such terms ever and therefore, relevant traffic to your website.

You can have access to search term report under keywords tab.

You can analyse search term report at campaign & ad-group level. 


Note: If you add negative keyword at campaign level, it will be applied directly across all ad groups within the same campaign. Moreover, you have the functionality to add negative keywords at ad-group level.



2. Segmentation & Ad Scheduling

You can segment your data based on time, conversion, network, device, click type (headline, sitelinks, click to call) 

Consider a scenario, suppose you are getting maximum number of conversions between 10:00A.M to 1:00 P.M and between 4 P.M to 7 P.M and rest of the time, no conversion. In that case, Ad -scheduling can play a major role in terms of getting low cost per conversion. In order to see conversions per hour basis, you can segment your data by time (hour of the day). 

Another example, Suppose you are not getting any conversions on weekends, you can schedule your campaign just for weekdays. Here you can segment your data by day of the week under time segment.


Let's take a real time example in order to understand Ad Scheduling, Suppose you're an restaurant owner and deliver online food from 5 P.M to 11 P.M. Here you have no option except for ad-scheduling.


Keep in mind about your services being offered and at what time you're getting maximum conversions. Based on them, you can schedule your ads in order to get better ROI and low cost per conversion.


3. Auction Insight Report - How your competitors are performing!!

Based on this report, you can easily figure it out, how well you are performing among your competitors and what are the key factors you need to keep in mind in order to outrank your competitors in terms of impression share, top of page rate, average position and so on. 

You can have access to Auction insight report under DETAILS tab.


4. Experiment with Ad-Copies -Keep On Testing!


Note : Make sure you don't have any Advanced bid strategy Enabled i.e. (automatic bidding & enhanced CPC) else you can't run experiment, It will work only with Manual CPC bidding. 


For more information Visit :


5. Bid Adjustment

Mobile Bid Adjustment : -90% to 300%  (campaign & Ad-group level)

Location Bid Adjustment: -90 to 900% (campaign level)

Ad Scheduling Bid Adjustment: -90 to 900% (campaign level)

If you don't want to run your ads on mobile devices, set bid adjustment -100%


Important Point: Bid less for mobile if your mobile user experience is poor.


Note: If you're using conversion optimiser or CPA i.e cost per acquisition bid,  Your existing bids will not be used except for mobile bid adjustment i.e. [-100%] 


Re: Points to consider while optimising AdWords Campaign

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Hi Hemant,

Your Post will be useful for New Advertisers. You have given examples with different scenarios.

Hope to see post of Display network as well. Most of clients are prefering for Display and Video advertising in India.

Kind Regards,

Syed Nouman Bin Nuri