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Plan for going enhanced

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I'm looking for advice on changing my campaigns from legacy to enhanced. I want to get all of my campaigns over to enhanced and start learning about the new functionality this gives me (rather than staying with legacy for a few more months).


I want call extensions, and enhanced campaigns offer more control over this type of ad extensions (I can do this).


We don't have websites that are optimised for mobile devices (we're working on it!), so I plan to go for the "minus 100% bid adjustment" idea for mobiles (is this the best option for "opting out of mobile"?)


I want to move campaigns over one by one with minimal disruption or fuss, so as long as I set my minus 100% bid adjustments for mobiles as I change over, is there anything else that I should be taking into account right now?

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Re: Plan for going enhanced

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Hi Neil, it sounds like you're planning, which is better than some advertisers!


The only thing I'd really question about your plans so far is the decision to opt out of mobile altogether.  Even if you haven't got mobile optimised sites, I'd be tempted to keep the potential for mobile Ads, even if they're at a greatly reduced CPC.  Don't forget that "mobile" means something very different to what it did just a few years ago.  My smartphone now has a screen the size of a small planet and I can quite comfortably browse full websites.  I'd totally agree that you should get a mobile (perhaps "small screen" would be a better term) website but I'd be reluctant to completely turn the mobile Ads off.  Can you see conversion data for the Legacy campaigns?  How have mobiles performed in the past?

I guess the only other thing I'd say is to make sure you make use of the new features like location-based bid adjustments and Ad Group level sitelinks (and those Call Extensions!).


Did you have anything specific that's worrying you?



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Re: Plan for going enhanced

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Thanks Jon,


We've never targeted mobiles (for the reasons I mentioned), so I have nothing to go on in adwords. Analytics shows plenty of visitors, but higher bounce rate, fewer transactions etc.


I've always thought that if you can't give a visitor a "good" mobile experience on your website, then you should avoid them coming to your site and potentially having a "bad" experience...(am I allowed to post one of my websites so you can see it on mobile?)


I guess I have to take into account the adwords spend as well, we look after adwords in-house and there's a certain amount of pressure from above to control the daily spend. I guess I could always use budget from elsewhere in adwords if we wanted to try adverts on mobile though.


I will take a closer look at the upgraded extensions once I have everything across to enhanced (which hopefully will be soon!)


My main concern is that I'm not missing something major in the transition from legacy to enhanced. There's only so much reading you can do to get up to speed on changes. I can always address the mobile issue at a later date (not necessarily at the point of changing to enhanced), but I worry if I've missed something the costs may rise for some other reason, or something similar.