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Phrase match also ignore periods and spaces?

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I think I understand from the Adwords documentation that Phrase Match does also match for close variants, meaning misspellings, plurals, stemmings, abbreviations, acronyms, and accents. I think that it also ignores periods and spaces like Exact Match does now but can't find something that confirms that. Does anyone know?


(I am trying to figure the best way to set up keywords for a domain name that matches the same three words of the company name that I already have a different ad group set up for.)




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Re: Phrase match also ignore periods and spaces?

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Search Operators & Punctuation -
Punctuation in keywords -
Keyword settings -

Maybe go more into the example i.e. spell it out as " i have domain 'great shoe shop' and I have ad group for that but I also want to have an ad group for... etc."
can use your real domain and target keyword info or just an example

if you give a really clear example you will usually get the answer you need plus other great tips from the community.

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Re: Phrase match also ignore periods and spaces?

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Hi @Trent L;

Within keywords, the system ignores hyphens, (i.e a dash).  They are considered  as a "space"

For other symbols, (with the exception of &) - you'll get an error message. 

See the following article 

How symbols and search operators work with keywords

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Re: Phrase match also ignore periods and spaces?

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Thank you both! The phrase matches are working perfectly to capture everything I need.