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Phrase Negatives

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Can a single word be added under phrase negative? example I am a car dealer and I dont want any leads for service and parts? Can a keyword like "spoiler" or headlights be added under phrase negative? If yes what are the advantages of adding it under phrase?

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Phrase Negatives

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Yes, a phrase match negative keyword can be one word. Adding negative keywords as phrase match will prevent ads from showing on any search query containing that phrase. The advantage is that you don't need to add multiple exact match negatives for every iteration of the search terms you want to block. For example, adding "spoiler" as a phrase match negative will prevent your ads from showing on searches for "car spoiler" and "spoiler repair". So instead of adding two exact match negative keywords you added one phrase match negative keyword.


Please note that phrase match negative keywords do NOT block close variants, even though phrase match positive keywords include close variants. More information on how negative keywords function here:


Hope that helps,

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Phrase Negatives

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Hi @Sanyal K!

1. negative keyword as phrase match


Yes, a single word as phrase match can be added.

You may have noticed that in negative phrase match, keyword order matters.that means if user query wouldn't be in same order as your negative keyword order then ad will be shown.

2. negative keyword as broad match (recommended)


in negative broad match keyword, order of keywords doesn't matters. that means your ad will not be shown if user query has your keywords. read more about negative keywords

Benefits of negative keywords:

it's the easiest way to filter out your irrelevant and free traffic and only target customers instead of visitors.


always try to add close variants, misspelling, and synonyms of your negative keywords.

Hope it will be helpful for you and finally good luck  @Sanyal K with your campaign.