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Phrase/Exact Matches with Conjunctions

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I have a slight dilemma. I've been working on AdWords and optimizing ads and keywords to improve CTR and Conv. Rate.

I'm confused how the conjunctions affect when I'm targeting that keyword as a phrase or exact match.

I will use one common keyword in my industry: "Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes"


First of all, I have no idea how conjunctions work with searches in Google.

I always thought they were ignored, but when I Google "get rid of dark circles under eyes", it shows different results than "get rid of dark circles under THE eyes." Not a big difference, but the orders of SERP have changed. The orders change again if I add "how to" in the beginning.


So my actual question is: When I use the keyword tool and it tells me that "dark circles under eyes" is a good keyword, how do I go about targeting that?

If I add "dark circles under eyes" as phrase and exact match, will the ad show up when "dark circles under THE eyes" is searched? What about "dark circles under MY eyes" or "dark circles under EYE"? If not, do I have to add multiple keywords with every conjunctions? I understand that broad match includes conjunctions, synonyms and etc. but I do not want to add broad match as it accrues too many unrelated impressions.


Sorry I'm a horrible writer, but I hope you guys can understand my question. Thank you so much for your time guys.

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Re: Phrase/Exact Matches with Conjunctions

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Hi Andrew,


The way i believe it to work is you would have to have multiple version for "my" and "the" if you are going to use phrase and exact. By default you should have enable plurals , misspelling and close variation so you shouldn't need to do plurals. I don't think though "the" and "my" would be consider close variations. Although i am not 100% sure.   

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Re: Phrase/Exact Matches with Conjunctions

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When you Google "get rid of dark circles under eyes", it shows you search results that have little to do with AdWords. I for one did not see an ad but even if you did you have no knowledge of which keywords the advertiser listed in his account. 


dark circles under EYE


- both phrase and exact will show the ad if you allowed for close variants in your campaign settings


You need to add as many keywords as are able to cover the search terms you mean to target.




Re: Phrase/Exact Matches with Conjunctions

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I had one other thought along the same lines as Lakatos. How about BMM:


+dark +circles +under +eyes


Best of Luck!




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