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People searching for hotels in my area

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I have hotel rooms and I want my ads to show up for people who are looking for rooms in 10 miles of my location. For example:


my rooms are in Oldenzaal. I want my ads to show when people search for 'hotel hengelo' (hengelo is 3 miles away).


How do I do this? I only found an option for searching from within 10 miles from my location. But I target international and I want Americans/Asians/etc who are looking for rooms close to me to see my ads. people searching for hotel in general or farther away should be ignored.


Thanks in advance

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Re: People searching for hotels in my area

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Hey RemiN,


When you go to the radius targeting tab in location settings.. you put in the 'place name address or co-ordinates'.. right next to that there is a text box that you can modify which specifies the radius of the region.

You can change that to 3 mi.


Also.. just a thought.. isn't 3 miles too small a radius to target.. I am not sure about the kind of traffic you will get.

Also.. I hope you are doing a mobile and tablet campaign and not only a deskto/laptop campaign.

another suggestion would be trying click to call and location extensions.

click to call on a mobile device enables the user to directly call and make a booking. 

The location extensions tells the users your exact address so users know how nearby you actually are.


Hope this helps!




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Re: People searching for hotels in my area

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Hi RemiN,


Only one thing to add to Shweta's advice. In the geo-targeting section, select to include "search intent". I'm not sure what the exact wording is today, they've been changing the text trying to make it more lcear for advertisers.


There are 2 basic option: "location only", "search intent". "Search intent" is sometimes called "broad reach".


This will have the result you are looking for. Someone in Japan searches for "hotel hengelo" should see your ad--if your QS and bid are high enough.


Best of Luck!




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Re: People searching for hotels in my area

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Good morning - 


I would say that a 10-mile radius is the smallest you can choose and still be likely to get any search traffic. If you use a lot of geographic identifiers in your keywords--city names etc., you may get the traffic you're looking for.


As for the targeting option you want, select, "People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location" in the Targeting Options section of the Settings page.


Good luck!


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