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Paid traffic and its effect on ranking

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i've a few years of experience running different kinds of campaigns at different budgets and different locations.

I have a new client who is interested in his site rank. If i send traffic to the site via ads (paid/sponsored traffic) will the increase in traffic affect the site rank that is now being visited by many more people??

Client is not interested in eCommerce or even branding, just wants to push the site higher on the serp.





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Re: Paid traffic and its effect on ranking

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Hi Pinny,

Driving traffic to a site via AdWords will have no impact at all on your organic rankings. If it did, everyone would just throw money at Google and the rankings would not really be 'organic', they would all be paid.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Paid traffic and its effect on ranking

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Thanks Tommy, I hear what you're saying, but if the "visit quality" is measured- like bounce rate, time on site, number of pages etc, as Ad Words itself measures, it should reflect on the site itself, irrespective of HOW the traffic got there (?) Cheers Pinny

Re: Paid traffic and its effect on ranking

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As many have said AdWords does not directly affect your SEO SERP rankings.

BUT if you are looking at the micro there may be some benefits.


If you are sending people from great relevant ads to a good site with good content and they then later search for that site in google i.e. navigational search using the companys name or url in google.  Or search generally and the site comes up they may be more likely to click on it.


There have been some studies done by MOZ that show that  click through from organic results and ping back have an effect on rankings.

AdWords gets you someone they come back - that increases click through from organic results.

The people are familiar with the site so are not as likely to bounce in less than a few seconds which is positive for your ping back (if lots of people click to your site from SERP then almost instantly back out back to Google that is an indication of low relevance or quality is the theory.


So No AdWords does not effect SEO directly but there are correlative studies showing a net positive indirect effect.


that may be a bit geekier than you wanted but i find it interesting Smiley Happy


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Re: Paid traffic and its effect on ranking

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It will not affect his organic ranking, your client should build citation or directories to improve their organic ranking